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APO Group and Mara Foundation create strategic partnership for Mara Mentor programme

APO Group and Mara Foundation, Mara Group’s philanthropic arm will collaborate to elevate opportunities for African entrepreneurs to find mentors

APO Group (, the leading media relations consultancy for Africa and the Middle East and Mara Foundation (, founded by Ashish J Thakkar (, today announced they signed a partnership agreement with special focus on Mara Mentor’s ( flagship programme, Mara One-on-One. Mara One-on-One objective is to support the start-ups…

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Namibia comes out top of all African countries featured in Global Entrepreneurship Index

Rwanda, Botswana and South Africa fall closely behind

The Ashish J Thakkar Global Entrepreneurship Index of 85 countries ranks Singapore as the best environment for entrepreneurs Of the African nations, Namibia scores highest and comes 42nd overall – ahead of other prominent African markets, such as Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa The research, conducted by Mara Foundation and…